Fashion for Philanthropy

Fashion for Philanthropy

Our sole mission is to rebuild schools and to raise the level of children education in rural regions so that it benefits Ethiopia's agricultural communities.

Our goal is to raise $91,000 between 11/16/2019 to 3/30/2021.                                         

Building the school: We will reconstruct the school with a total of 16 classrooms, 4 bathrooms, a library, and water harvesting.The design and infrastructure of the school will fit the environment, providing easier access for the students to attend.We will build teacher facilities, since the school is in a rural area the teachers need a place to stay. At the moment,  there is no proper dormitory to accommodate the 22 teachers .                                                   

Building the playground: Because it is rented out to farmers during the rainy seasons, the school has no playground.  We will build an exclusive playground for the children to foster their physical and spiritual development through play. We also want to build teacher facilities, as since it is so far away in a rural area the teachers need a place to stay. At the moment, there is no proper dormitory so we do not have any teachers willing to help. We will be setting up a scholarship fund for girls, addressing and aiding the gender inequality issues and the difficulties women face when applying to university.

Building the communityThere will be outreach initiatives for early enrollment in school and support programs for dropout prevention, focusing on the needs of students that face at-risk situations. Teachers who work with these children will have professional development programs to develop skills and techniques.

The scarves, crafted in traditional Ethiopian prints, combine Manale's eye for design with her humanitarian soul. 20% of the profit will go towards the rehabilitation of Dil-Ayen Elementary School in Northern Ethiopia; providing a space conducive to learning in which children can thrive. 

To read more about our mission and support our cause to help child education in Ethiopia, please click here.